Decorative Foam and Stone Inc.

Welcome to Millennium Decorative Foam Inc.

Decorative Foam and Stone Inc is the premier leader in residential and commercial woodpecker proofing, foam molding repair and remediation. Specialty textures, patches and finishes.

For 15 years now, we have been serving Naples, Ft Myers and surrounding areas.

Decorative Foam and Stone Inc.

Wood Pecker Proofing Services

Our animal intrusion-proofing is Guaranteed for 10 years and 15 years proven. Are woodpeckers making holes in your home?

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Decorative Foam and Stone Inc.

Repair & Remediation

We specialize in all exterior finishes, textures and foam assemblies. Our team has built a strong reputation for quality work and product knowledge that equals economical solutions for property managers, builders and architects.

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Decorative Foam and Stone Inc.

Custom Designs

We can custom design and build all shapes, sculptures, monument signs, wedding props, block letters, and much more.

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