Naples, FL Woodpecker Damage Control & More

Woodpecker Pest Control Services for the Naples, FL, Area

An example of a woodpecker infestation in Naples, FL

Contact Us to get a Free Property Inspection & Remediation Repair Quote. We have intrusion proofed …

Repair and Patch

Stucco Repairs, cracked grout joints, damaged foam moldings can often be repaired for a Flat Rate

Woodpecker Proofing Services in Naples, FL

Wood pecker damage, Stone restoration, Water Intrusions from defective moldings, Stucco and EIF’s…

Custom Foam and Stone Design in Naples, FL

A custom foam strawberry sculpture in Naples, FL

We can custom design: Interior and exterior foam trims, Moldings, Sculptures, Signs, 3D props, Block

woodpecker damage control Naples, FL

Architectural manufacturing and foam remediation experts

Fort Myers Foam Company, Decorative Foam and Stone Inc. is the premier architectural exterior foam & light weight trim stone manufacturer and installer in Southwest Florida.

The company is a leader in commercial exterior foam molding repair, remediation, intrusion-proofing, wood pecker foam damage control, stone maintenance, restoration, manufacturing, and Installation.

Our team has built a strong reputation for quality work and product knowledge. Our experience equals economical solutions for builders, property managers, home owners and architects.

For the last 10 years they have been removing and replacing inferior foam systems with guaranteed products with warranties for residential and commercial property’s. Do you have a shopping plaza with damaged loose dangerous foam moldings possibly causing water damage to your property?

That is no problem, We will remediate the problem after hours to avoid disruption to business and avoid accidents.  Our experience can produce the most economical product and scopes of work witch are warranted by the product manufacture and decorative foam and stone.

When it comes to foam shapes, props, signs, monuments, columns, exterior crown moldings, trim stone, we say any shape any size!


At Decorative Foam and Stone, our quality architectural foam is guaranteed to hold up to prolonged use and withstand the forces of nature. All of our foam trim is custom fabricated to meet your design needs. Over the years, we have amassed a large number of satisfied clients to become the leader in architectural foam installations in the Naples, Fort Myers area.



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