Get Your Bird Damage Repaired in Marco Island, FL

As much as you love hearing the sound of birds singing outside your window, you don’t love the foam molding damage that these avian visitors can cause to your building. From woodpecker holes to nests in your moldings, these otherwise harmless creatures can seriously threaten the beauty and structural integrity of your home or office building.

If you are worried about bird damage being done to your Marco Island, FL, building, Decorative Foam and Stone, Inc., can help. From bird damage pest control or bird damage molding repair to woodpecker proofing, we can help keep your building safe.

Rely on Us for Bird Damage Pest Control

While woodpeckers are the most common culprit for bird damage in the San Marco, FL, area, other types of birds can also wreak havoc on your home, as can rodents and other small animals. We can animal-proof your entire home or commercial building to ensure that no unwanted guests are able to get inside. Protect your home from furry invaders and schedule an appointment with us today.

Come to Us for Bird Damage Molding Repair

Beyond taking away from the beauty of your building, bird damage can also cause create cracks and holes in your roof and walls. If birds have already caused damage to your building, we can restore your building’s outward appearance and functionality. Don’t wait for existing damage to worsen before having it repaired; contact us for all your bird damage molding repair needs today.

Trust Us to Restore Your Building

We offer free estimates for all our services, which you can request either by calling us at (239) 590-0002 or by filling out the form to the right. Our office is located in Fort Myers, FL, and we also offer restoration services in San Marco, FL, and the surrounding areas. Whatever your restoration needs, Decorative Foam and Stone, Inc., is the company for you.